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Real Time Shift And Task Management

You know how employers struggle to create schedules and get the message out about available shifts.

Well what we do is help employers build schedules with staff on their phones, confirming shifts and giving businesses the joy of cost control and time back for other things.

In fact, giving staff greater say in their work life balance leads to happier employees, higher output, and reduced staff turnover.

Shiftiez, securely keeps your staff up to date on new shifts right from their smart phone. They can also get to a job site, update availability, swap shifts and work through checklists all without needing to check back with the office.

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Cut out the paperwork - Get everyone on the same page

Cooperative Planning

Shiftiez is built around co-operative planning. Staff update availability as things change, then Shiftiez alerts available staff when a shift becomes available. Staff can confirm they'll take it with one click.

Work from one device or all of them!

Work from a phone, a tablet or a regular computer. Shiftiez works exactly the same, with no relearning of features and nothing missing when you are in the field.

Secure, cloud based operations

We manage connecting your team so there's no complicated set up. Access from anywhere, if your phone can't connect to the internet you can still update information and we'll grab it later.

Get back time

Remove repeat tasks, improve staff satisfaction, cut down on miscommunication and free up time to spend on running your business. No more ringing around to see who's available or sending out job sheets

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Shiftiez announced as a finalist Anthill Smart 100

We are delighted to announce that Shiftiez has been selected as a finalist in the Anthill Smart 100 for 2017.

With over 700 nominations and 100 innovations profiled and ranked each year, the SMART 100 Index is the largest awards program dedicated to innovation in Australia. Our nomination reflects our determination to create innovative solutions to the challenge of workforce planning, especially given the changing employment landscape for part-time and shift workers.

To view our sumbission on the Anthill site Click here

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